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Tina's Surgery Story

Posted by Surgical Services Team on Jun 8, 2016 4:27:48 PM

When Tina McGee found out she was going to be a grandmother, she was overjoyed. “My kids I had to discipline and raise to be productive citizens. My grandchildren I can spoil!” she says with a laugh. Before long her joy doubled as she discovered she’d be grandmother to not one but two beautiful babies.

When Tina began to feel mysterious pains, she went to her doctor for answers.

As it always does, the bliss of snugging babies soon gives way to the exploratory curiosity of toddlers and, later, children. “The twins are both very active, and it can be very hard because they forget their grandmother is the age that she is,” she says. “When I’m around them, they keep me very active." 

In between playground dates and outings with her growing grands, she noticed some changes in her body. She began to experience longer, more painful menstrual cycles that eventually hurt so much she couldn’t play with her grandchildren. “That kind of pain made me feel, honestly, like I wasn’t a good grandmother,” she says.

It wasn’t long before she found the root of her pain. Gregory Miller, M.D., of Beaufort Memorial Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists discovered fast-growing fibroid tumors. After evaluating treatment options, Tina opted to wait. Six months later, the pain was so intense she discussed having a hysterectomy with Dr. Miller. “I was thinking the hysterectomy would be major surgery with a really long recovery period like my mom had years ago,” she says. “Then he explained it’s not like that anymore.”

The more she heard, says Tina, the better the advanced surgery sounded. “It didn’t sound like it would take me away from my norm for too long. Dr. Miller really explained the procedure, how it was going to go and what my recovery would be like. Everything he said came to pass." 

Tina’s single-site hysterectomy was performed through one small incision in her belly button using the da Vinci Surgical System. “Once it healed, you couldn’t tell anything had been done,” Tina says. Initially thinking she’d be out of work six weeks, she found that she felt well enough to work in just two weeks. “When I got back to work, I was fine,” she says. “It was like the surgery never happened.” 

Tina didn't let pain get between her and her grandchildren.

Even though she works in health care, she was surprised she could recover from such a major surgery so quickly. “I bounced back almost like a kid and then I was able to play with my grandkids again,” she says. “That’s the best part. I was able to run around and play with them again. I get my joy from my grandchildren. They keep me young and energetic.”

Learn more about Tina’s experience or get details on Beaufort Memorial’s advanced da Vinci Surgical System.

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