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Stephanie's Maternity Story

Posted by Women's Health Team on May 4, 2016 3:35:39 PM

Stephanie Whiteside is a Beaufort girl, born and bred. “This is home,” she says. “Whenever people ask you what Beaufort means, it’s hard to describe. I feel like it’s something in your heart. Kind of like saltwater.” 


As far back as she can remember, the river, watersports and family weekends spent by the ocean have shaped her experience of this community. Through it all, Beaufort Memorial has been there, too. “I have lots of memories as a little girl,” she says. “I remember my sister being born there, and I spent Hurricane Hugo there. It’s been fun to watch it grow." 

When it came time to start her own family with husband, Jessie, staying close to home was her first priority—which made Beaufort Memorial the natural choice. "It took about two seconds to decide that I was not driving an hour away to deliver my baby," Stephanie says. Her foresight paid off during both her first and her second deliveries.

“With our older son, Carter, we weren’t totally planning to have him when we did, but we were ready,” Stephanie says. “Having him was such a relaxing experience. But with our second, Gibson, we knew what we were getting into and we were very nervous … and he came fast!” 

Of the experience, Stephanie recalls that the maternity team didn't skip a beat. “The nurses were fantastic,” she says. “Beaufort Memorial brought on a rock star team of doctors, too. I absolutely love every single one of those physicians.”

Now a mother to two young boys, Stephanie is raising her own saltwater-loving sons. “It all comes full circle,” she laughs. “Becoming a parent made me appreciate our home even more. I know this is a wonderful place to grow up, and I pray our sons will feel that same way. 

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