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Rehab Your Way to a New You

Posted by Bone & Joint Team on Jul 13, 2015 2:46:00 PM

When you have knee or hip replacement surgery, you’ll want to get back to your daily activities as soon as possible. This is why rehabilitation is crucial to your recovery process.

Your rehabilitation might begin sooner than you think. Patients facing surgery to replace a worn-out joint can benefit from therapy before their operation to get them stronger and more flexible, helping ensure a better outcome. Recovery is typically faster and easier for patients who are active.

Postsurgical rehabilitation is even more important. Doctors generally start patients on physical therapy while they are still recovering in the hospital. They receive at-home therapy until they are able to get to an outpatient facility.

BMH's multidisciplinary Outpatient Rehabilitation team helps you get back to your daily activities.

Dr. Edward Blocker, an orthopaedic surgeon at BMH, knows the importance of accessible services, especially after a joint replacement or any other major surgery.  “Rehabilitation shouldn’t be taken lightly,” he explains.  “Here at Beaufort Memorial, we start our patients on rehab right away – usually on the first day. The average person needs to see their doctor at least once two weeks after surgery, so there’s a huge benefit to having your procedure and rehabilitation done in town, as it limits having to travel back and forth.”

By having their outpatient therapy at BMH, patients receive a continuum of care with access to services from a dietitian, a social worker and a personal trainer at the LifeFit Wellness Center

Beaufort Memorial’s multidisciplinary Outpatient Rehabilitation team can help patients with a wide range of medical issues, from arthritis and osteoporosis to sprains and strains, joint pain, and pre- and postsurgical rehab.

 Click here for more information on Beaufort Memorial’s Rehabilitation Services.


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