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Questions about hysterectomy? There's an app for that.

Posted by Surgical Services Team on May 9, 2016 4:22:18 PM

One in three women will have a hysterectomy by age 60. One in three cellphone users seeks health information through mobile devices. It only stands to reason there would be overlap between the two groups. Enter, the HysterSisters app.


Women seeking hysterectomy support can download the free HysterSisters Hysterectomy Support app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. The app opens up a virtual world of woman-to-woman hysterectomy support, including an online support community, a symptom tracker diary and weekly reminders for preparing and recovering from surgery.

HysterSisters is just one example of how modern technology is reshaping the hysterectomy experience. Beaufort Memorial OB-GYN Dr. Gregory Miller points to the benefits of robotics as another way technology is improving patient outcomes. For single-site hysterectomy, the da Vinci robot is employed to help surgeons like Dr. Miller remove the uterus through one tiny incision in the bellybutton. This minimally invasive approach leads to a quick and easy recovery, lower risk of complications and virtually scarless results.

"As a surgeon, you want to work in a hospital that embraces technology," Dr. Miller says. "The da Vinci lets us put our hands in spots you just couldn't physically reach otherwise."

The bottom line? Apps like HysterSisters and state-of-the-art surgical techniques are helping women see hysterectomy in a whole new light.

To learn more about hysterectomy, speak with one of our board certified OB-GYNs. Call 843-522-7820 to schedule an appointment.

image originally appeared in  Winter 2013 issue of Living Well magazine


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