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OR Superstar: da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

Posted by Surgical Services Team on Jan 18, 2016 6:14:51 PM

OB-GYN Gregory Miller, MD, wasn’t just drawn to the Lowcountry for the quiet, coastal lifestyle. One of the biggest attractions of joining a Beaufort Memorial medical practice was the availability of a leading-edge surgical tool called the da Vinci Si Surgical System.

Using the robotic da Vinci console, surgeons have the ability to perform highly complex and delicate surgeries through very small surgical incisions with unmatched precision and visibility. “It’s a better modality for lots of different surgeries,” says Dr. Miller. Beaufort Memorial currently offers a range of robotic procedures including two single-site surgeries: gallbladder removal and hysterectomy.

    The da Vinci robot allows BMH surgeons to perform single-site hysterectomies and gallbladder removals.

Equipped with 3-D HD optics and highly manipulative wristed instrumentation, the da Vinci offers surgeons enhanced surgical precision, control and stability. It’s an advancement that’s allowing surgeons to perform complex, formerly open surgeries through one-inch incisions that barely leave a scar.

The benefits of robotic surgery extend beyond the manipulative precision and ultra-clear visibility. “As a surgeon, you want to be someplace that’s going to embrace technology,” Dr. Miller says. The reason? In his eyes, it’s because tools like the robotic system can significantly reduce the effects of surgery for patients. Many patients who have robotic surgery experience tiny surgical incisions, a faster recovery, less blood loss and a lower risk of post surgical complications than with traditional open surgeries.

General surgeon Deanna Mansker, MD, agrees that the da Vinci system is a leap in surgical treatment. “Not only can we see the surgical field in 3-D, we can move the robot’s tools 360 degrees, allowing us to reach angles we couldn’t with standard laparoscopic instruments,” she says.

It’s a superiority that’s also crystal clear to Dr. Miller. “The da Vinci lets us put our hands in spots that you just couldn’t physically reach otherwise.”

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