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Meet Violet.

Posted by Living Well Team on Dec 27, 2016 10:58:50 AM

The image below isn’t a still from a science-fiction film, but we can see why you might think it could be. 


Meet Violet, Beaufort Memorial’s newest weapon in the assault on germs and infections. While we pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our custodial staff, this ultraviolet-pulsing robot by Xenex is a valuable tool that helps them take disinfection to the next level.

While some may be surprised at the $100,000 price tag on this piece of advanced equipment, Mary Scott, Beaufort Memorial’s infection control manager is unfazed. “If we can prevent even one infection- that is huge because it’s saving our patients,” she says.

Here’s how it works:

Violet scans the room to make sure no one is present and then raises to her full height of 5 foot 2 and begings flashing intense Ultraviolet (hence her name) rays, hundreds of times more intense than sunlight. This incredibly intense light destroys microorganisms on all surfaces.

The flu virus, the norovirus and even the ebola virus don’t stand a chance.

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