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Don't Backtrack on Your Health & Fitness Goals

Posted by Living Well Team on May 25, 2016 11:04:42 AM

Losing even a little weight can make a huge difference in your health. Even a 5 percent weight loss can reduce diabetes risk, decrease LDL (“bad” cholesterol), lower blood pressure, cut stroke risk, reduce pressure on joints, increase energy levels, improve mood, and much more.

After you’ve lost weight through diet and exercise, make sure those pounds stay lost. Follow in the footsteps of successful weight-loss maintainers. J. Graham Thomas, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the National Weight Control Registry at Brown University Medical School study the habits of 6,000 adults who have lost 30 pounds or more and maintained the loss for at least one year.


Here’s how they do it:

  1. They exercise 200 minutes week at a moderate pace. “Exercise gives you a little more flexibility with your eating, and there’s also some indication that regular activity helps you make healthy eating choices and avoid temptation,” Thomas says.
  1. They limit their TV time to less than 10 hours per week.
  1. They stick with a low-fat, low-calorie diet: about 1,380 calories per day, with less than 30 percent from fat.
  1. They tend to eat the same foods—even on weekends, holidays and other special occasions.
  1. They eat breakfast, which may keep them satisfied and prevent overeating.
  1. They focus on controlling their eating habits, rarely giving in to emotional eating or tempting foods.
  1. They weigh themselves at least weekly and keep a daily food diary. “We know self-monitoring is one of the most powerful approaches to losing weight. And it appears to be an important strategy for maintaining weight loss as well.”

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