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LifeFit's Total Body Makeover Helps Beaufort Residents Reach Fitness Goals

Posted by Living Well Team on Oct 12, 2015 5:17:00 PM

One month into their Total Body Makeover, the 19 participants in the new LifeFit Wellness program already have started to tone up their triceps and trim their tummies.

“In the first week, we had people dropping two to eight pounds,” said wellness coach Ricca Callis, who helped develop the 12-week program. “They’re very motivated.”

Losing weight is merely a side benefit of the Total Body Makeover. The purpose of the program is to encourage participants to make lifestyle changes that improve their overall health.

Working in teams of four or five, they meet three times a week for a one-hour exercise session led by their wellness coach. The first 45 minutes are dedicated to strength training, followed by 15 minutes of a cardio exercise chosen specifically for each team member based on his or her personal fitness goal.

At the onset, registered dietitian Kim Edwards met with all participants individually to get them started on a healthy eating plan. They keep a food log Edwards checks periodically to ensure they stay on track.

Special weekend events offer additional tips and tricks for improving their diet. On a recent Saturday, Callis and LifeFit Wellness Services Assistant Director Kim Yawn took the troop on a grocery store tour to show them how to swap out fattening foods for more nutritious options.

They have also met with BMH Executive Chef Eric Sayers for lessons on seasonings that add flavor and grain options that provide fiber and proteins. “The feedback has been great,” Kim said. “Everyone is engaged—and exhausted! We’re very excited to see the results.”

Are you ready to modify your lifestyle and reach your health improvement goals? Click here to learn more about LifeFit Wellness Services.

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