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Knee Replacement: John's Story

Posted by Bone & Joint Team on Nov 11, 2015 5:12:41 PM

John Neison is an avid horseman. “Riding is particularly interesting to me because it’s physically demanding,” he says. “There are very subtle nuances that need to be learned and mastered to be able to direct a 1,500-pound animal with a mind of its own.”


His happiest moments have been with his family, who share this love of horsemanship. “My wife came from a horse tradition,” says John. “When my daughter came along, we got her her first horse when she was about five years old. All three children have ridden, so I learned to be a groom and a barn person right from the get-go.”

When a knee pain from a previous injury, coupled with arthritis, kept him from the barn, he began to worry about his horse’s well-being. Eventually the pain reached the point where John was unable to take a walk around the block with his wife. It was time to take action. “I knew I had a bad knee, I knew I had a problem,” he explains. “But I always felt that I could press through it. It got to a point where I could no longer do that. There’s a tremendous amount of leg strength involved in riding properly and controlling a horse. With a bad knee, it’s impossible.”

John was relieved to find a comprehensive joint replacement program, surrounded by the natural beauty he loves, at Beaufort Memorial. “When we looked at the joint program, I was extremely impressed,” he says. “The program started well in advance of the surgery, and experienced, compassionate people guided me step by step through the process. They made it a comfortable experience.”

After his knee replacement surgery, John is back in the saddle. “I have complete range of motion,” he says. “Regaining the health in my knee, having my strength back, and the ability to use my knee completely is rejuvenating. It’s added another 10 years or more to my anticipated ability to ride.”

John’s feelings about his joint replacement can perhaps be summed up in one sentence:

“I have a new lease on life.”

To learn more about knee replacement at Beaufort Memorial’s Joint Replacement Center, click here.

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