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Improving Orthopaedic Surgery Outcomes

Posted by Bone & Joint Team on May 26, 2015 5:50:00 PM

 Patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery at Beaufort Memorial Hospital have a medical advocate to help them through the process of treatment. Andrea Sadler, a physical therapist with 20 years’ experience, is the hospital’s orthopaedic care coordinator and serves as patients’ personal navigator through the process.

“I’m their point person,” Sadler says. “There are so many people involved in total joint replacement, it helps to have one person the patient can call with questions before and after their surgery.” Sadler will guide patients through the joint replacement process from the time their surgery is scheduled to the time they return home from the hospital.

    Andrea helps patients plan their recovery so they can get back to their everyday lives as quickly as possible.

“We don’t want people to come into surgery blind,” Sadler says. “It’s important for them to know what to expect and what their recovery will entail so they can have a plan in place when they return home.”

In addition to providing an orthopaedic care coordinator, Beaufort Memorial is working behind the scenes to improve efficiency in every stage of the joint replacement process. Careful studies have looked at every aspect of operations, from the way instruments are organized in the operating room to how patients are mobilized after surgery.

By streamlining the flow of care and establishing protocols for treatment, the orthopaedic team hopes to reduce patients’ length of stay in the hospital. “The reason our program has been so successful is that we’re constantly reevaluating ourselves and embracing changes that will improve outcomes,” orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Jones says. “Our goal is to create a comprehensive center of excellence so patients will know when they come here that every aspect of care will be closely monitored and taken care of.”

Learn more about our Joint Replacement center here.


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