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Heart Healthy Occupations

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on Jun 21, 2017 2:00:00 PM

heart_healthy.jpgHow you feel at work and the type of work you do are significant factors in your cardiac health. Studies show that your job can have a great impact on your blood pressure and overall cardiac health.

If you’re happy with your job, you feel like your work environment supports you, and you have control over your work situation, you’re less likely to have high blood pressure and heart problems.

While how you feel is important, it can’t be denied that some jobs are just harder on your heart than others.

Here are a few examples:

Heart-Healthy Occupations

  • Medical Lab Technician: High pay, low stress, jobs are plentiful
  • Personal Trainer: Fitness and activity requirements keep you moving
  • Florist: Plants and flowers are calming and lower your pulse

Heart-Taxing Occupations

  • Bus Driver: Sedentary and requires vigilant attention at all times
  • Shift Worker: Hard on body and can affect eating habits and weight
  • Assembly Line Worker: Pressure packed and you feel a lack of control

Even desk jobs and deadlines can temporarily send your stress level skyrocketing. What can you do when you can’t change your profession? Change your lifestyle habits. Live healthier, exercise regularly, rest when you can, take scheduled breaks and vacation days, and find ways to relax when you’re not on the job.

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