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Functional Movement Screens Find Sources of Pain

Posted by Living Well Team on May 17, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Being able to move efficiently and without pain is critical to your quality of life, independence and health. The squatting, kneeling, walking and running you learn as a child can, for many reasons, evolve into very uncomfortable, even painful movements. But there’s a way to find and correct movements that hamper your comfort: a functional movement screen.

Whether you want to start training for a 5K or simply stay healthy and injury-free, you have to know how you move. A functional movement screen evaluates seven of your movement patterns to see if they are increasing your risk of injuring yourself. By analyzing your movement quality a certified screener can identify mobility, stability and motor control issues. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated testing technique used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning professionals all over the world. It’s also available here in the Lowcountry at LifeFit Wellness Center.

Wellness coaches and certified screeners David Purser and Ricca Callis have found the study so effective when evaluating health and exercise programs that they’re making the study available to LifeFit members. Members first receive an initial screen from a certified screener. Your screener will review your findings with you and recommend corrective exercise and modifications that can help you move with greater comfort or reduce your risk of injury. Four to six weeks later you’ll have a second screen to review and discuss your progress. The cost for the screen, which can be purchased at the front desk, is $100.


LifeFit trainer, David, demonstrates an in-line lunge, one of the 7 movements in the screening. 

To learn more about functional movement screens, call LifeFit Wellness Center at 843-522-5635.

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