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Four Facts About Breast Cancer

Posted by Women's Health Team on Oct 12, 2017 2:00:00 PM

jackie-brown.jpgFor all you read about breast cancer, how much do you really know?

Jackie Brown, a Beaufort Memorial breast nurse navigator, shares four lesser-known facts.

1. Eighty percent of breast abnormalities found on mammograms are not cancerous. 
“But if you feel a lump or notice a change in your breasts, go to your doctor for a breast exam,” Brown says.

2. Lumpectomies are safe alternatives to mastectomies. 
“In most cases, you can preserve the breast,” Brown says. “But we’re seeing patients who elect to have a mastectomy instead of dealing with the fear of recurrence or because they don’t want to have the radiation that’s required after a lumpectomy.”

3. You can lower your risk for, but not prevent, breast cancer. 
Reduce body fat, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet low in fat with lots of fruits and veggies and limit alcohol to three to four drinks a week.

4. Mammograms aren’t your only safeguard. 
Even if you recently received reassuring screening results, you should have a clinical breast exam by a physician annually starting at age 40.

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram, contact our Breast Health Center at 843-522-5015. 

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