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Fibrocystic Breasts: Jo Anne’s Story

Posted by Women's Health Team on Dec 28, 2015 2:32:51 PM

Jo Anne Tudor’s family has graced the banks of the Beaufort River’s Battery Creek for generations. “I was born at Beaufort Memorial,” Jo Anne says. “Then I went on to deliver two daughters there who, in turn, delivered their daughters there, too. Three generations born at Beaufort Memorial.”

Jo Anne knows living well means enjoying a full life. That's why she never misses a mammogram.

Many of her fondest memories involved the gently lapping tides and creaks of a floating wooden dock. “Whether we’re eating crab legs down on the dock or everyone is spontaneously jumping into the river with their clothes on, the river’s brought a lot of laughter, a lot of love and memories for me, my children and my grandchildren,” says Jo Anne.

Those precious moments are not something the lifelong Beaufort resident takes for granted. “Health is extremely important to me,” she says, “and it’s becoming more important the older I get.”

When she was diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts earlier in adulthood, it wasn’t the condition that gave her pause as much as all the unknowns that came with mammography decades ago. “Back then, you’d go in for your mammogram and then you’d go home and wait for a phone call or a piece of paper that would come in the mail,” she says. “That meant a lot of waiting, a lot of wondering.”

Fibrocystic breasts, which have a thicker-than-average texture with benign lumps, can make reading and interpreting a mammogram more difficult. When Beaufort Memorial opened its state-of-the-art Women’s Imaging Center in 2011, Jo Ann says it was a leap forward in care that’s brought Lowcountry women like her great peace of mind.

“When I go into Beaufort Women’s Imaging, I look forward to it,” she says. “From the time you walk in and are taken to the back, you’re comforted and assured with each step of each procedure you may be going through. There’s laughter along the way, too. It’s a great camaraderie among the women who work there, and I feel that it flows over into the patients when they come in.”

For someone who “never misses a mammogram,” having such advanced technology so close to home is a big deal. “It’s a very big plus for the women in this community,” says Jo Anne. “They’re part of my lifestyle now.”

To learn more about the Women’s Imaging Center or to schedule a mammogram, please call (843) 522-5015.

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