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Blue Angels land at Beaufort Memorial

Posted by Living Well Team on May 1, 2017 2:00:00 PM

They arrived by car, not jet, but It’s safe to say that members of the storied Blue Angels team—in town for the weekend’s air shows—made the day, week and month anyway for Beaufort Memorial patients and staff lucky enough to meet them during their visit to the hospital Friday morning.

BMH_Blue_Angels.jpgFor a full 90 minutes, Lt. Juan Guerra, USN, flight surgeon for the elite airmen, made the rounds along with support staffers HM2(AW) Ryan Sheaffer and MC3 Dominick Cremeans. The trio, friendly and engaged, stopped in the ED, the Birthing Center, 3T Pediatrics and Inpatient Rehab to say hello, sign autographs and patiently pose for photo after photo after photo. Two professional photographers were on hand to record the moment—and everyone, of course, had a cell phone.

In total, the Blue Angels met 13 patients, all delighted to make their acquaintance. A mother with a brand-new baby said she’d been lamenting that she’d miss the weekend’s air shows, but now felt a little better about it. She’d had her own private audience with the Angels.

Others seemed to agree. “Be careful, baby!” a patient recuperating from a broken hip called out as one of the visitors left her room.

The Blue Angels’ visit to Beaufort Memorial, nice as it was, was not unique. In every city in which the flight demonstration squadron performs, they try to pay a call on local hospitals and schools.

Think of it as your tax dollars at work—in the best possible way.    

Thanks to Paul Nurnberg for capturing these special moments! To see more photos from the day visit our Facebook page.

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