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Beyond the White Coat: Deanna Mansker

Posted by Living Well Team on Nov 16, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Dr. Deanna Mansker has always preferred to exercise at home. As a student at the Medical University of South Carolina, she would pop in a fitness video and get in an aerobic or strength building workout between hospital shifts.

These days, the Beaufort Memorial general surgeon—who spends her working hours in the operating room and at the Women’s Imaging Center, Bluffton Medical Services and the Wound Care Center—relies on her three young children to keep her conditioned at home.


“It’s been wonderful for the kids having a stay-at-home dad,” Mansker says. “We’re able to raise the children how we want them to be raised, and we don’t have to worry about putting them in day care.”“I’m always running after my 5-year-old,” Mansker says. “He’s a very energetic little boy.” When Mansker is at the hospital, her husband, Phillip, takes care of Jacob and his two sisters, 2-year-old Sarah, and 1-year-old Elise. The former general manager of a custom cabinetmaking company, he gave up the position and now works from home designing cabinets.

As an added benefit, the family lives just seven minutes from the hospital, allowing Mansker to run home for lunch and on breaks. “When I started out in med school, having a family wasn’t a consideration,” Mansker says. “I put my career first. But in my last year of residency, I decided enough is enough. I wanted to have children.”

After completing her residency at Charleston’s MUSC in 2011, Mansker joined Beaufort

Memorial Surgical Specialists and moved south to Beaufort. The family chose a house near the water that has a sandbar at low tide. “We’re always doing things outdoors,” Mansker says. “We like to go out on the sandbar or ride our bikes to the park. In the evenings, we try to take a walk to get some exercise and fresh air.”

As a child, Mansker learned to play outside with nothing but nature to entertain her.

“We didn’t have a lot of money to go to the malls or the movies, so we played in the woods,” Mansker adds. “I still like to do outside things for fun, especially now that we’re near the water.”

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