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Behind the White Coat: Alejandro Garcia Salas, MD

Posted by Living Well Team on Feb 7, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Garcia-Salas-MD.jpgMost evenings, Alejandro Garcia Salas, M.D., is happy to have his wife, Claudia, make dinner for the family. “She’s a better cook than I am,” the Beaufort Memorial Primary Care board-certified internist concedes.

But in the morning, the kitchen belongs to the boys. As part of their daily routine, the physician and his 5-year­old son, Noah, prepare a hearty breakfast from a repertoire that includes every­ thing from omelets to waffles.

Garcia Salas’s personal favorite is eggs with a side of black beans, fried plantain and queso fresco, a traditional morning repast in his native Guatemala. His son is partial to pancakes. Not your run­-of-­the-­mill pancakes, mind you, Noah makes his flapjacks in a rainbow of colors.

“I divide the batter and we add food coloring to the individual batches,” Garcia Salas says. “Noah’s very proud when he makes his own breakfast. He can’t wait to eat it.”

A die­hard soccer fan, Garcia Salas also has begun introducing his son to his sport of choice. The two enjoy kicking the ball around the backyard of their Lady’s Island home.

“In Guatemala, kids play soccer like we play baseball here,” Garcia Salas says. “I was 5 or 6 when I started playing.”

It remained his favorite sport even after moving with his family to Georgia at the age of 11. He went on to play in high school, but decided to forgo joining his college team to concentrate on his studies at Georgia State University.

“I couldn’t do all the flips and tricks you see players do on TV, but I could control the midfield and create opportunities for the team to score goals,” Garcia Salas says. “Midfielders typically travel the greatest distance and have the most possession during a match, and they are some of the fittest players for that reason.”

While he only plays soccer recreationally now, Garcia Salas has kept up his conditioning by training with Insanity workouts five days a week.

“It’s one of the most challenging fitness programs on the market,” Garcia Salas says. “I like it because I can do it at home. Noah usually joins me. He’s either mimicking what I do or playing with his cars.”

Contact Dr. Salas at Beaufort Memorial Primary Care by calling (843) 522-7600.

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