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Baby University and Top Pregnancy Apps for 2017

Posted by Living Well Team on Feb 20, 2017 1:13:06 PM

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. It can be wonderful, but also stressful!

Prenatal education can help ease the stress and build the confidence of soon-to-be parents. Beaufort Memorial Hospital offers free and low-cost classes for expecting families in the Lowcountry. You do not have to be a Beaufort Memorial patient to take any of the classes offered through Baby University. Classes include: Baby Basics-101, Prepared Childbirth, Breast-Feeding and Hug Your Baby.


Can’t make all of the classes offered at Beaufort Memorial? There’s an app for that! has rated and tested some of the top pregnancy apps for 2017.


Natural Birth

Cost: $0.99


Step-by-step interactive procedure that puts YOU in control. Discusses key pregnancy facts, explains the three stages of labor and delivery and also covers important recovery information. This interactive walkthrough allows you to perform each step of labor, beginning with the preparation, followed by the actual delivery of the baby and concluding with the cutting of the umbilical cord and delivery of the placenta. Natural Birth prepares you to better understand what to expect in the delivery room!


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Cost: FREE


There is a little bit of everything built into this app, including community forums and a pregnancy journal to track your weight and the size of your baby bump. It even has a good-sized library of baby names to choose from, along with a handy birth planner. The Baby Kick counter lets you track how often and for how long your baby kicks each day!


I'm Expecting

Cost: FREE


This app has helpful community forums and includes at least two new videos each week that show your baby’s development. These videos are created by medical professionals and give you proper insight into what is happening to you and your baby’s body. A fun feature of this app is that is has the ability to sync with other apps like Fitbit and RunKeeper.


Full Term

Cost: FREE


When you are in labor, the last thing you need is a complicated timer. With this app you just push one button to start timing a contraction and then one button to stop. It’s that easy. The app then takes care of tracking the duration and time between each one so you can learn everything you need to know with one easy glance.



Cost: FREE


Breast-feeding presents new challenges and questions with each child. This app connects you to the best resources as well as a community of other parents and health care providers to help answer all your questions. If your baby is having trouble latching on, there are great videos that show you how you can help improve his or her latch.

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