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Why Women Shouldn't Overlook Heart Disease

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on Aug 8, 2016 3:44:32 PM

More women than men have died from heart disease every year since 1984. Yet only one woman in five believes it to be her greatest health threat.

So why do women continue to overlook heart disease? “In the past, all the research was done on older men,” says BMH cardiologist Stuart Smalheiser, M.D. “But it’s not just a man’s disease; more women die of heart disease than anything else.”

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Five Ways to Help a Stroke Survivor

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on May 23, 2016 12:34:17 PM

When Jill Bolte Taylor was recovering from a severe hemorrhagic stroke at age 37, she says few people truly understood her needs. As a brain scientist, she had extensive knowledge about what those needs were.

“They talked to me incessantly,” she says today, “and what I needed was to sleep and preserve my energy.” One person who instinctively knew how to help her was her caregiver: her mother.

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Go With the Flow

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on Feb 22, 2016 8:34:33 AM

Not one to worry about his health, Michael Mathews never bothered with annual checkups or wellness screening—until he found out he was a walking time bomb.

 A $60 test tipped him off to a potential problem with one of his carotid arteries, the blood vessels on the sides of the neck that deliver blood to the brain and head. Further testing showed he had developed a large buildup of plaque in his left artery.

"I felt fine," Mathews says. "I had no symptoms or medical issues related to the occlusion."

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10 Steps to a Healthier Heart

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on Dec 16, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. “Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease,” says Dr. Stuart Smalheiser of Beaufort Memorial Lowcountry Medical Group. “About 25 percent of people who have heart attacks don’t have symptoms,” Smalheiser says. “Another 25 percent of them present with atypical symptoms. As you get older, you’re more likely to be asymptomatic or have symptoms not generally associated with heart attacks.”

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For Stroke Victims, Timing is Everything

Posted by Cardiovascular Team on Jun 15, 2015 1:11:27 PM

Each year, nearly 750,000 Americans suffer a stroke, the fourth leading cause of death in the US.  When you're experiencing a stroke, every moment counts. "Time is so important with a stroke," Beaufort Memorial Stroke Coordinator Sheri O'Brien says. "The faster you get diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome."

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