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Advances in Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Posted by Surgical Services Team on May 20, 2015 5:56:00 PM

When it comes to surgery, less is best. At Beaufort Memorial, surgeons are using minimally invasive procedures to perform a growing range of operations from hysterectomies to knee replacements. By adopting new approaches and advanced technology, they are staying at the forefront of the minimalist movement.

Beaufort Memorial surgeons employ the next generation of the da Vinci surgical system, featuring enhanced HD and 3-D optics and wristed instrumentation, to achieve a range of motion far greater than the human hand.

    With our high-definition, 3-D da Vinci Si surgical system, our experienced surgeons can perform more complicated, minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures

The da Vinci Si’s optics offer 10 times the magnification and better visualization of the operative field, expanding the scope of surgeries that can now be performed with the high-tech system, including organ-sparing tumor extraction techniques, single-incision gallbladder surgery, and custom-fit joint replacement. 

Where traditional gallbladder surgery required four incisions, Dr. Stephen Sisco now uses the technology to make just one small opening in the belly button to remove a patient's gallbladder. "It's the least invasive way to remove a gallbladder with the best cosmetic outcome possible," he says.

Today, more than half of surgeries performed at Beaufort Memorial use a minimally invasive approach. Patients get in and out of the hospital quicker, reducing medical costs. More importantly, they heal faster and better. “With open surgery, patients are looking at a four or five day hospital stay,” says Marylee Riggio, Beaufort Memorial’s Director of Surgical Services. “Now, patients who undergo minimally invasive surgeries can often go home the same day. That’s huge.” 


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