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A Quick Fix for Lower Back Pain

Posted by Bone & Joint Team on Mar 7, 2016 3:53:25 PM

Give your back a leg (and hip) up.

When your lower back is tight and hurting, physical therapists know that other parts of the body might be responsible for the pain. With the push-pull relationship between abdominal and back muscles, it's probably easy to envision how underdeveloped abs and the resultant spinal slouch could affect the back.

But what about your legs?


Almost all of the thigh muscles are attached to the pelvis, which interlocks with the spine. If those muscles don't keep the pelvis stabilized, the spine may shift like a house built on sand. In turn, back muscles must work extra-hard to keep things steady. Those overworked muscles can create back pain.

“There are several options to relieve pain,” says Dr. Edward Blocker, an orthopaedic surgeon at Beaufort Memorial Hospital. “Surgery is obviously the last option, recommended when all the conservative measures don’t help. Exercise, anti-inflammatories and weight loss are common-sense things that can help.”

The solution in this case: stretch and strengthen thigh and hip flexor muscles to provide a sturdy foundation from which the spine can rise.

To learn more about simple lifestyle changes you can make to live with less pain, visit our LifeFit Wellness Center. Our wellness coaches will help you meet your health improvement goals.

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